It’s Time We Talked About Varicoceles

Varicoceles now affect enough men in the United States that it’s time for us to start talking about them. Some 15% of the male population has reportedly had a varicocele, which can cause depression, a number of bodily side effects, and above all, infertility. We need to start asking questions. What is it? What are the symptoms? And most importantly, what can a man do to fix it? This article will walk you through the answers to each of those questions and deliver to you the best resources for a reliable and effective varicocelectomy.

What Exactly IS A Varicocele?
There is a cord that holds up each of your testicles. In this chord are a combination of arteries and veins, both full of nerves. Within the veins in these cords should be valves that transfer blood from the testes to the scrotum. From there, the bad blood should shoot back up through your body so that your heart and revitalize it. But there’s a lot of margin for error in these valves. Sometimes, the valves don’t work like they should, in which case, blood builds up clogs the veins. When this happens, the veins, and thus the chords, and thus the entire testicular region grows abnormally large.

It’s Usually Unnoticeable
Male patients will usually receive a diagnosis between the ages of 15 and 25. Since the enlargement occurs as the result of built blood resulting from clogged veins, it doesn’t typically happen overnight, but rather, tends to reveal itself over an extended period of time. In fact, in the majority of cases, the average man won’t even notice it because its progression is slow enough that he grows accustomed to its appearance. In most cases, there’s little to no pain, and men must undergo a medical exam in order to even realize that there’s something wrong.

How To Spot It And Why It’s Important To See A Doctor
Varicoceles usually happen on the left side. If you notice that your left testicle seems to be hanging noticeably lower than the right, you should speak to your urologist. This doesn’t always mean that there’s an issue. It’s natural for one to hang lower than the other. But if you notice that one seems abnormally low, to the point that it has you concerned, you should get a professional opinion. The reason why it’s so important to speak to a doctor, even if it isn’t causing you discomfort, is because it could be disrupting your testosterone production and making you infertile. If you have any plans of one having kids, you should take care of this sooner rather than later.

The Rare Cases That It Hurts
In some rare cases men can experience mild to severe pain as the result of their varicoceles. For example, if you notice pain in your testicles when you stand up, or when you play sports or exercise, that could mean you’ve built up a varicocele and you should speak to a doctor. The pain can alternate between dull and pain to sharp, and should decrease when you lie back in a recliner chair or in bed. The worst time of day is usually in the evening.

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