3 Celebrity Vasectomies

It’s a strange world we live in. Maybe it’s not entirely logical that we look to celebrities as role models. Maybe the people who are good at pretending to be other people, or have a knack for singing catchy pop songs into a microphones are not necessarily the best examples for how to conduct oneself. But in any case, they make lots of money, so they must be doing something right. Regardless of whether or not it’s well founded and logical, we all do it, because it’s natural and we see celebrities on our TVs and computer screens a gazillion times a day.

So with that all said, let us take a moment to look at the celebrities who have actually taken the liberty of sharing something private but admirable with the public. We’re talking of course, about the male vasectomy; the procedure by which a man has his vas deferens snipped, effectively cutting off circulation from sperm into semen, thus sterilizing the man. All sexually active men out there interested in not having any (more) little toddlers running around your home should take a page out of these celebrities’ books.

George Clooney: His marital history should speak for itself that George Clooney must have as much a way with words as he does with looks. His wife, Amal Clooney, is a British-Lebanese lawyer, author, and international human rights activist. She’s exceedingly beautiful. And she’s 99.9% positive that she won’t be having any kids with the Ocean’s Eleven superstar.

Dr. Phil
For all the widely publicized relationship advice he’s given to countless guests on his show, one could only expect that he’d cover his own bases. However, some years following the procedure, he came to realize that his wife had changed her mind about only wanting to have one child. So, he did when only felt right. He got his vasectomy reversed. If that’s something in which you might be interested and you’re living in the New York City area, you need only call your vasectomy reversal doctor. NYC is known to have the highest quality no scalpel, no needle vasectomy, as well as the very best in vasectomy reversal.

Ozzy Osbourne
In case you weren’t a fan of the reality show about Ozzy’s home life, the decision was made mutually between him and his wife. For all the rock and roll antics he pulled in his younger years, Ozzy still made one unequivocally responsible decision. Knowing that once he’d reached a certain age that he was done having more children, wish his wife’s blessing, he got himself a vasectomy.

Maybe we shouldn’t model everything we do off of our favorite celebrities. The world needs doctors and lawyers just as much as it needs actors and singers. But for what it’s worth, these celebrities made the right choice. They got themselves a vasectomy, which is the most effective form of contraception. Plus it is far less invasive than female sterilization and is only as permanent as the man wants it to be. As soon as one changes his mind, he is welcome to call up anytime to schedule an appointment with a vasectomy reversal doctor. NYC has gained national notoriety for having some of the best urologists and vasectomy reversal doctors. Dr. Harry Fisch, who as appeared on countless TV and radio programs, including but not limited to 20/20 and 60 Minutes, is available now to take premium care of you. Learn more by calling (212) 879-0800.


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