4 Unconventional Reasons To Get A Vasectomy That Go Under The Radar

Have you been batting around the possibility of getting a vasectomy for a while now? It’s been on the to-do list. You know it’s non-invasive, quick, and relatively easy. You know it’s the most effective form of contraception in existence. You know you trust your doctor to do an excellent job. Your partner has tentatively sold you on it, but in reality, you’re still just not quite convinced. Well let us put that doubt to bed. Here are some really splendid excuses that have most certainly gone under the radar.

You have permission to be lazy! Never has there been a more justifiable reason for you to stay home from work, sit on your couch and binge watch until the early morning. Just remember to keep an ice pack nearby. And also some snacks and beverages. And a Playstation controller. The point is that you want to keep physical activity to a minimum. Can’t beat it. We know.

Kids are expensive, man! Have you ever tried to guess what kind of money gets poured into a child budget? One study suggested that for one kid, you’ll need some $16,000 bucks PER YEAR! Goodbye Playstation. Goodbye travel. Hello long hours. Unless of course you’d rather take the much more affordable financial hit of a vasectomy, which will run you no more than a grand or two, not to mention that you quite possibly could get insurance involved to skim off a hefty chunk of that bill.

You’ll get relationship leverage: Vasectomies notwithstanding, pretty much all other forms of birth control are for women. And, frankly, they can be a real pain. The side effects can vary from mild to severe, causing women to have outbreaks of acne and hives, fluctuations in weight, and irregular menstrual cycles, just to name a few. Not to mention that if at any point become careless, they’re the ones who will have the bear the child. So with all that said, the fact that you took it upon yourself to prevent any of that from happening, is quite the gesture. So for the next big negotiation about going to a relative’s house for dinner, now you’ve got a whole lot of currency to work with.

The world is overpopulated and it’s actually a really serious problem:This one’s a bit of a dark concept, but it’s important to address. The single biggest pollutant in the world is us. Human beings. We’re already past 7 billion people and pretty soon resources are going to start running out. Sooner than anyone realizes, as a matter of fact. So if you consider yourself an environmentally conscious person, this is a great way to prove it.

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