The Pill For Men?

For the time being, the most effective and reliable means of contraception for men is through vasectomy. Not only is it 99.9% effective, but with modern technology it has become minimally invasive, requiring no scalpel or needle. The whole procedure is over in less than a half hour and recovery time is hasty. Plus, in case you change your mind, now there’s the option of getting a vasectomy reversal. Manhattan doctors provide the most modern, highest quality care.

New reports have shown that researchers are inching ever closer to developing a fully functioning birth control pill that can be taken by men. This information comes in accordance with researchers from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy presenting their findings at the annual National Meeting & Exposition of the American Society (ACS) in San Diego. The results of the latest studies draw from measures taken in the past to adjust male testosterone as a means of blocking fertility.

The main barrier encountered, however, is in consistency. While thus far there is indeed a pill that has shown promising results, researchers still believe it would not work for up 20% of the men who take it. Other issues revolve around a number of undesirable side effects, including weight gain and a decrease in what has been referred to as the ‘good’ kind of cholesterol.

Other challenges include the speed in which the pill takes effect without adversely diminishing the man’s sex drive and the potential for the pill to cause permanent, irreversible infertility. Furthermore, the pill would presumably be taken consistently over long periods of time, meaning its fail rate would have to be nearly perfect. As it stands, the main obstacle is in finding a way to block the flow of sperm into the woman without damaging neither the sperm nor the embryos.

Researchers stated that they are in the process of tweaking important chemical compounds in pursuit of finding the perfect balance of “solubility, specificity, and stability” in a pill. They’ve shown much confidence, stating they believe they’re making ample progress towards reaching the end product. That being said, there remains no timeline as to when such a pill will be of a quality and reliability that is sufficient for a mass market.

Furthermore, convincing the public to use it may prove to be an additional challenge. This will likely require heavy investment in marketing campaigns trying to convince the public that it is safe to take.

In the meantime, the best option remains in male contraception. It has historically shown the best possible results, preventing nearly 100% of all potential pregnancies, and is only as permanent as the patient desires it to be. That is to say, there is always the option of getting a vasectomy reversal. Manhattan urologist Dr. Harry Fisch is renowned in his field, which is why you should have no worries in case you desire the most immediate and effective means of male contraception. For more information, give his office a call at (212) 879 0800 or contact him online.


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