This Condition May Cause Male Depression

When you read news stories claiming that the world is getting dumber and it’s all because of the music our kids are listening to, you should either approach such stories with skepticism or just discard them completely. However, within the 24-hour news cycle is the occasional statistic that’s worth a second look. When you hear news about something that could be affecting you or someone close to you, why not look into what are the possible solutions?

One Piece Of News That Should Actual Concern Us
One trend that has been going strong since all the way back to the Great Depression is the steady increase of anxiety and depression amongst young people in the United States. Through all these years, during which the economy has taken its share of nosedives and recoveries, the trend continues to get worse. No one seems to be able to pinpoint precisely what the issue is. Probably because there isn’t any one issue that spreads across all cases. When it comes to depression, it depends heavily on the circumstances of individuals.

A Professor’s Theory On A Portion Of Depressed American Males
Professor Marc Goldstein of Cornell University thinks that one widespread issue in the United States that’s not discussed enough is that of varicoceles. A varicocele is an enlargement in the testicular region of a man’s body. This happens when a large amounts of warm blood fill this region to excess, causing the testes to heat up, effectively disrupting their function. More specifically, the irregular temperature that the varicocele causes prevents the testes from producing sperm and testosterone.

Why Varicoceles Cause Depression
Some 15% of men suffer from varicoceles, the effects of which can lead to both chemical and emotional depression. A lack of testosterone can cause a man to lose his sex drive, muscle strength and bone density. It can also disrupt how his body distributes its fat. All of these symptoms can lead to body issues and circumstances that can cause less than ideal social situations that can lead to depression. A lack of testosterone can also cause a chemical imbalance in the brain, that can also be the cause of depression. And finally, the fact that varicoceles prevent men from producing sperm means that it effectively makes them infertile.

What Can Men Do To Fix It?
Depression is not something that you should have to endure. That’s a given. But sometimes the answers aren’t so clear. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as just talking to a psychologist. Every part of the body is connected in some way, which is why sometimes you have to take physical action. Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist in New York City, offers varicocele repair, which will reverse all of these mysterious symptoms that seem to have taken over your life for all too long. Dr. Fisch also specializes in vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. For more information on Dr. Fisch’s services or to set up an appointment, give his office a call at 212-879-0800 during business hours.

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