Dax Got A Vasectomy

Comedic actor Dax Shepard, best known for his part as Frito in the cult classic Idiocracy, is married to actress Kristen Bell, who attained mass popularity from her part in the hit series Veronica Mars and House of Lies, as well as in the movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Frozen series. Together they have two daughters, one of whom is three years old and was born in 2013 and the other who is one and a half and was born in 2014. According to Shepard, two kids are plenty. In a story he told when stopping by on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Shepard explained his thinking on the matter.

As the story goes, Bell was shooting a show in Atlanta when she’d realized that she’d been sick for over a week, and her immediate assumption was that she must be pregnant. She wasn’t. But that didn’t stop Shepard from showing his true colors, explaining how having two kids has been exponentially more work than having just one, and how he couldn’t imagine adding on another one. He said, “We already have no life, this was going to be not worth living!”

Bell floated the possibility of her pregnancy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Shepard had a meeting and by Thursday he’d gotten a vasectomy. He said he was “in and out”, and that within a matter of only two days he was able to get back to work and shoot a commercial. He described the experience as being “pretty great” because he was not conscious for the procedure. Shepard speaks with the same sentiments as thousands of couples across America. And for the most part, his description is accurate.

It’s true that recovery time is rapid, although it may take a bit more than two days. Vasectomies nowadays are minimally invasive, requiring no scalpels or needles. In fact, the entire procedure is typically complete within 30 to 40 minutes. Then the patient has a few days (this can vary) on the couch with ice where he can catch up on all of his favorite shows on Netflix.

One important step comes a few weeks later, in which the patient has to check to make sure his semen is sterile. We suggest you don’t go about it the same way Shepard did. It’s best to find a safer, quieter, less public place than a moving car on a windy road. But to each his own. You’ll have to bring a sample to your doctor to be tested. Once you’re cleared, no more condoms for you big guy! Enjoy!

One important perk that Shepard failed to mention was the option of getting a vasectomy reversal if he changes his mind. Life changes fast. So in the event that for whatever reason you decide to take on a(nother) kid, know that with the best vasectomy reversal doctor NY has seen, you can do so with no probems whatsoever.

If you’re like Dax and are looking to get a vasectomy or if you’d like a vasectomy reversal, Harry Fisch has you covered. To schedule an appointment call his office at 212-879-0800.

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