Vasectomies: Why They’re Worth It

Getting a vasectomy is probably not something you’ve been planning and looking forward to since you were young. It’s not exactly on a list of things you know you’d love to do before you die. Nevertheless, there will come the point, and that point may very well be right now, in which genital surgery could just change your life in a very big, and very positive way. Here are all the reasons you should get a vasectomy. Manhattan has the best doctors in the country. This is why you stand to benefit from taking the leap and getting the snip already.

They are SUPER effective: I mean seriously, when you get up to a 99.9% success rate, you have to appreciate the fact that it would be a pretty impressive feat of nature for you to break those odds. And in case you’re wondering (and you most certainly are), the answer is yes, vasectomies are statistically more likely to prevent pregnancy than condoms or birth control pills. So if your priority really is to prevent yourself and your partners from having a child, this is without question the best option available to the both of you.

VERY low risk: Yes, we know, it’s a surgery, so how could it possibly be “low risk”? Well believe it or not, thanks to modern technology, vasectomies are actually one of the least invasive surgical procedures in existence. They require no scalpel. They don’t even require a needle. As a matter of fact, they have even less health risk than the pill, since birth control meds are known to be the cause of any number of unwanted side effects of varying severity. So keep that in mind the next time the topic comes up with your partner.

It will have ZERO impact on your sex life: This has got to be the most common misconception of them all. Of course, to the uninformed, it’s a logical conclusion to the think that if you’re cutting of the flow of sperm, that means you probably won’t be able to ejaculate as much. But that’s just completely and utterly wrong and here is why. Your sperm is not stored within your semen. It’s stored elsewhere and is then transferred to the semen upon ejaculating. A vasectomy cuts of that connection. So you will still produce the same exact amount of semen. It just won’t be filled with potentially embryo producing sperm.

At NO point will you ever stop producing sperm: Despite the fact that the flow of sperm to semen is cut off, that doesn’t mean that you ever stop making it. Quite the contrary, you continue making sperm, and if at any point you decide that you would actually like to produce a child with your partner, you need only seek a vasectomy reversal, at which point the vas deferens, which is what connects sperm to the urethra, will be reconnected and all the sperm you’d been producing in the meantime will once again be made available. Call urologist Dr. Harry Fisch today at 212-879-0800 to book your vasectomy. Manhattan is where he is located and he is open for business.

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