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Penis Size and Enlargement Methods – What Works and What Doesn’t

How big is big enough?

Are you worried about how you measure up?

It’s a common question. In fact, as many as two-thirds of all men are concerned about the size of their penis, according to one study that involved 200 men.

If you’re wondering about penis size, you may be interested to know that the average is just over five inches when erect, according to a study conducted in 2015. Almost all men’s penises are within an inch of this average length. And despite what you may have seen online, penises longer than 8 inches are pretty rare. As for girth (the distance around, or the circumference), the average is a little less than 5 inches when erect. … MORE

vasectomy side effects

Vasectomy Side Effects: Short Term Effects and the Long-Term Benefit

As I’ve discussed before, the myths and misinformation about vasectomies unfortunately have a way of influencing a man’s consideration of a vasectomy. But the reality is that in most cases, this elective procedure can be accomplished as a short outpatient procedure with a quick recovery time, with the positive long term benefits of a vasectomy far outweighing the short-term vasectomy side effects that men can experience. … MORE

low sperm count

Causes & Symptoms of Low Sperm Count and When You Should See the Doctor

Low sperm count is a condition that affects many men; however, because it is not routinely tested, and typically lacks obvious signs, those affected may not be aware of their sperm’s health. Understandably, most men only begin to think about their sperm count when experiencing difficulty in achieving conception and are concerned about male infertility. And while many men with a low sperm count may still be able to father children, the chances of achieving a successful conception decrease if you have a low sperm count. Not only is conception a concern, but low sperm count can sometimes be a sign of a bigger problem associated with the male reproductive system.



Are you Superman or Clark Kent in the Bedroom? Sexpert on Male Sexuality Dr. Harry Fisch Weighs In

When it comes to a man’s performance in the bedroom, most men either don’t realize they have a problem, they are just too embarrassed to talk about it, or they don’t understand that the problem they have, a lot of people have it. By openly talking about your sexual experiences with your partner(s) or your healthcare provider, you can explore male sexuality and performance concerns, and seek the necessary follow up. While many men may not feel comfortable doing so, it’s well worth the conversation as the good news is, with proper treatment, I can help most men and couples resolve their issues. … MORE

Hand picking up nuts

The Impact of Eating More Nuts on Your Sperm Quality

In previous blog posts on male infertility, I’ve mentioned many factors that could have a negative impact on sperm count, quality and viability, but many men are surprised to hear the next tip to help increase your fertility  – eat more nuts. Because sperm use the components derived from different food sources to divide and grow adequately, fortifying your meal plan with a diet rich in proteins and vegetables can help decrease your chances of infertility.  And given the results of the most recent research study, while you’re making your grocery list, you should also consider adding more nuts to the list. … MORE

male fertility increasing chances

4 Ways to Increase Male Fertility

Infertility is a problem which affects 10 to 15% of couples. It is a health problem which many patients are not initially aware of because male fertility problems may go unnoticed for years; until they decide it is time to try for a pregnancy. Many factors such as age, genetics and lifestyle choices can affect the health of your sperm and predispose you to infertility. While you can neither alter your genes or roll back the years, there are certain habits that can help increase male fertility. … MORE

Wife and husband talking to Doctor about vasectomy reversal failure

What if Your Vasectomy Reversal Fails

With relatively recent advances in microsurgical techniques, instruments and suture materials, reverse vasectomy success rates have greatly increased. In general, success rates with vasectomy reversal range from about 40% to over 90%, with numerous factors influencing the outcome, such as the time since a vasectomy and the surgeon’s experience. And while success rates have risen, there are cases where the procedure does not result in conception, however, that is not to say that your road to fatherhood has reached its end.


acute prostatitis

Acute Prostatitis: Why Should It be Treated Immediately?

Acute prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate, usually caused by a relatively fast-developing bacterial infection in the male urinary tract. It should be treated immediately because the scarring that can develop from the infection can block the ejaculatory ducts, which are the tiny “ports” that allow sperm to mix with semen during ejaculation.


Young man with mouth open, surprised about peyronie's disease

Is it Possible to Break Your Penis?

It’s fairly common for an erect penis to curve slightly one way or another. But if the bend is extreme, causes pain, or makes intercourse impossible, then the condition is called Peyronie’s disease, after François Gigot de la Peyronie, the French surgeon who first described the disease in 1743. … MORE

Testosterone and weight loss. Man measuring waist with tape measure.

The Test for Testosterone — Your Waistline

Recently at my office, a friend of mine came by. His pants were definitely too tight… and he wears his pants at the “one yard line” – translation, his pants are worn too low on his hips – way below his belly.

I told him I was going to measure his waist. One of the most important tools I have at my office is a simple tape measure. This is very, very important. Your waist size should be half of your height. This proportion helps to objectively determine men who are overweight. Men who are overweight – who have a big belly – may have a lower testosterone level. … MORE