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Vasectomy Reversal and Sperm Extraction

As a microsurgeon specializing in vasectomy reversal, I am always surprised that couples think it’s impossible to reverse a vasectomy.  Many couples have been told that vasectomy is final and sterilization is the result.  This is not necessarily true. What is correct is that vasectomies are reversible and sperm can be extracted in almost all occasions. … MORE

Does Size Matter?

Men catch a lot of grief for being obsessed with their penises…is it big enough? Thick enough? Hard enough? Etc. But given that Mother Nature’s prime directive is to reproduce, and given the prominence of the male member, maybe this attention isn’t so odd.


reversing vasectomy

Reversing the Irreversible: Vasectomy Reversal

Every year, about 500,000 men in the US get a vasectomy because they’re sure they don’t want any more (or simply any) children. It’s a fairly simple procedure that cuts the two vas deferens, which are the tubes through which sperm travel from the testicles to the prostate. This ensures that no sperm are in a man’s semen, hence he can’t father children. … MORE

more accurate prostate test

Avoid Prostate Biopsies with More Accurate Screening

Standard prostate cancer screening involves a prostate exam and a blood test that aims to identify a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) biomarker. If a man’s PSA level is high, doctors recommend a prostate biopsy. But for every four men who undergo the procedure, only one will end up having aggressive prostate cancer. … MORE

chronic prostatitis male infertility

The Male UTI – A Hidden Cause of Infertility

Let’s talk about a condition that is often an unrecognized source of problems ranging from the merely inconvenient – having to get up frequently in the middle of the night to pee – to the serious: impaired fertility.  Chronic prostatitis is a low-grade infection of the male urinary tract.


need sleep for testosterone

Catch Some ZZZs, Raise Your Testosterone

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. But here’s a reason that a lot of guys don’t know about: there’s a direct connection between the amount of sleep you get and your testosterone levels.


low sperm count
bicycle seat safety fertility

In The (Bicycle) Saddle, Safely

Bike riding is the ultimate healthy sport, right? Easy on the knees, great for cardio and strength-building, and relatively inexpensive. But there’s one downside to bike riding.


Sex and Alcohol

Research suggests that alcohol should be bad for sex. Scientists have measured how alcohol affects penile swelling, vaginal engorgement, time required to achieve orgasm and vaginal lubrication. The results?


Infertility and Steroids

The other day a patient came to see me who looked like the picture of health. He was tan and wore a tight-fitting polo shirt that revealed a heavily-muscled torso. But his testicles were small and soft…