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4 Causes of Male Infertility You May or May Not Know About

Couples trying to conceive can face an uphill battle even when there are no fertility issues at play with either partner. In fact, very few couples successfully conceive on the first attempt. When there ARE female or male infertility problems present, the quest for pregnancy can become quite lengthy or even impossible without medical assistance.

Of course, barriers to fertility may be present in the male, female, or both. Many people mistakenly believe that when a male is infertile, the infertility is either due to a tragic accident or the man is simply “born that way.” While both trauma and congenital conditions can be responsible for infertility, neither of these causes is among the top reasons for male infertility. … MORE

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Choosing a vasectomy reversal doctor

How to Choose the Best Vasectomy Reversal Doctor

Any surgery, even the most routine procedure, should be considered from a number of standpoints. Is the operation necessary? Is there a non-surgical alternative? Do the potential benefits outweigh the risks inherent in every surgery? Is the surgeon competent? Do they have the technical skills required for a good chance of success? Does the surgeon have experience in this specific procedure? And at the end of the day, you want the best vasectomy reversal doctor possible. … MORE

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Low Hanging Balls: Not Simply a Cosmetic Problem

“Why do I have old-man sagging balls?” is a question I am asked frequently, even by young men. A scrotum that hangs low can be a source of worry and embarrassment and even keep one from participating in sports or just enjoying a day at the beach. Many men regard low hanging balls as simply a cosmetic issue and seek help from a plastic surgeon.  In reality, the sagging scrotum is usually caused by a medical problem called a varicocele. … MORE

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Needle Free, Scalpel Free Vasectomy: Post Vasectomy Pain is a Thing of the Past

A vasectomy is the most reliable method of male contraception, making the procedure invaluable to those couples who are done having children. Vasectomies are surer than female birth control pills at preventing pregnancies and are certainly much more dependable than condoms. So why do many men balk at the idea of having a vasectomy? There are several reasons, but one of the most frequently-heard is the thought of post vasectomy pain. … MORE

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3 Critical Facts to Know About Vasectomy Reversal

Roughly half a million American men elect to undergo a vasectomy every year. The procedure is a good choice for the vast majority of those men. However, a few – about 5% – will eventually decide to have their vasectomy reversed either due to pain or more commonly because they now desire to father a child.

Not all urological surgeons perform vasectomy reversals, and it is natural to want more information before undertaking a vasectomy reversal. Having performed many vasectomy reversals over the years, I’ll share my knowledge with you here, including 3 critical facts: … MORE

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Getting a Vasectomy: 6 Ways to Convince Your Partner

If you and your partner have decided that you do not want to have children or are certain that you don’t want more children in the future, it’s probably time to discuss the option of getting a vasectomy. A vasectomy procedure remains the single best method of male contraception, and the surgery is certainly more reliable than both condoms and female birth control pills. Also, unlike IUDs, a vasectomy does not have to be renewed every five years. … MORE

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Getting Pregnant after Vasectomy Reversal

Often times I’m asked about vasectomy reversal success rates, but of course, medical questions are rarely black and white. Let’s say the vasectomy reversal surgery goes smoothly and tests confirm that you have a positive return of sperm in your semen. By this criterion alone, your vasectomy reversal procedure was successful. But does this mean you will now be able to father children with your partner naturally? Will she become pregnant? … MORE

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Varicocele and Infertility: Adolescent and Adult Men

Many of my patients and their parents worry about the long term consequences when presented with a diagnosis of varicocele. A varicocele is a collection of swollen veins in the scrotum and often causes no readily apparent symptoms. However, there is unfortunately a strong link between varicoceles and male infertility, whether that is of an immediate concern or one further down the road. … MORE

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Dispelling Myths about Vasectomy Reversals

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and myths out there about vasectomy reversal. I’m led to believe that maybe it’s because reverse vasectomy is not a particularly common procedure, although 2%- 6% of men who have had a vasectomy eventually seek a reversal.  If you have the facts, you’ll see that vasectomy reversals are a very successful method of restoring fertility and allowing you to enjoy fatherhood. … MORE