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Questions to ask yourself before scheduling a vasectomy
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling a Vasectomy

If you’re considering a vasectomy, you probably already know the basics: it’s a surgery that prevents you from being able to father children. Vasectomy is highly effective (after a few months to clear the sperm from your system) and it’s considered permanent, although it is reversible in most cases.

But having a vasectomy is not always an easy decision. Here are some questions that I suggest my patients consider before scheduling the surgery. … MORE

The link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Are Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Linked?

Two very common disorders

Back in 2015, the American Diabetes Association reported that nearly 10% of the U.S. population had diabetes, which is a condition that occurs when your blood sugar is too high. Perhaps even more alarming was the statistic that more than 25% of the U.S. population had prediabetes, which is when your blood sugar is high but not high enough to qualify as diabetes.

The statistics for erectile dysfunction – which is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection – may also surprise you. Nearly 10% of all US men experience erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) on a continuing basis, and nearly all men experience it occasionally – what’s called “transient episodes.”

The connection between ED and diabetes

The short answer to the question is yes, erectile dysfunction and diabetes – at least one form of it – can be linked. Before I explain why, I should give you a little background on diabetes.

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when your body doesn’t produce insulin, which is the hormone that regulates your blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is when your body doesn’t respond to insulin as well as it should.

Men with type 2 diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction due to damage that occurs to their nerves and blood vessels, both of which have an effect on your ability to get and stay aroused, as well as the ability to send enough blood to maintain an erection.

The connection between ED and lifestyle choices

For some men, type 2 diabetes runs in the family. But whether or not it runs in the family, type 2 diabetes is more likely to occur when you’re overweight or if you have an inactive lifestyle. And guess what? Being overweight and having an inactive lifestyle can also lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, obese men are two and a half times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men of normal weight.

In other words, the same factors that can make it more likely that you’ll get type 2 diabetes can also cause erectile dysfunction. Obesity can lower testosterone and clog your blood vessels, including the ones that help you to achieve and maintain erections. In addition, being overweight can lower your energy levels and your self-esteem, both of which can come back to haunt you in the bedroom.

Erectile dysfunction: The canary in the coalmine

A lot of men who experience erectile dysfunction do so before developing more serious conditions, including heart disease, depression … and type 2 diabetes. So if you’re overweight and you’re having trouble with your erections, you may be on the way to more serious health issues. See your doctor about your overall health, start an exercise program and change your diet. Your benefits may include not just a better sex life, but also a longer and more active lifestyle.

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Vasectomy reversal procedure types

What Type of Vasectomy Reversal Procedure is Right for You?

Vasectomy reversal: reviewing the basics

If you’re considering a vasectomy reversal, then you probably already know that in this kind of surgery, a surgeon reverses a vasectomy by reconnecting your vas deferens. The vas deferens are tubes that allow your sperm to get from your testicles to your penis for ejaculation. These two tubes are cut during a vasectomy and reconnected during a vasectomy reversal. After the vas deferens are reconnected, if there’s no blockage or any other complication, you should be able to ejaculate sperm again.

There are many reasons that you might be considering a vasectomy reversal. Some of the reasons that I’ve heard include:


Freezing sperm in a lab

When Freezing Sperm is a Good Idea

Fathering kids late in life

Men often think that it’s possible for them to father a child at any age. They’re not wrong: A quick look online finds the story of a guy named James Smith who, back in 1951, fathered twin daughters at the very ripe old age of 102. More recent — and more famous — late-in-life fathers include Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Steve Martin, all of whom fathered children after turning 65. … MORE

Variocele recurrence and causes in men

What Causes Varicocele Recurrence in Men?

If you have a varicocele or if you’ve had one in the past, you probably won’t be happy to learn that they can reappear after treatment. But recurrence is one of the most common complications associated with varicocele repair.

Varicocele basics: a quick review

As a quick review, veins carry blood from the testicles back to the heart. These veins have valves that keep the blood from flowing backward. If any of these valves fail, some of the blood flows in reverse. This causes the veins to swell. These swollen veins are called varicoceles, and they occur for about 15% to 20% of all men. … MORE

The Keto diet and men's health

Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Men’s Sexual Health?

Just a few months ago, People magazine highlighted 16 celebrities who have tried the ketogenic diet, a “high-fat, low-carb diet that’s taking Hollywood by storm.” The list included a few men, including Mark Consuelos, Al Roker and Tim Tebow.

While most of the celebrities on the list praised the diet, some people have even claimed that the ketogenic diet boosted their sex drive, the diet’s benefits have been debated for many years. Some experts have even called the ketogenic diet harmful to overall health: The ketogenic diet was named as the “worst fad diet” in an annual US News and World Report list. … MORE

Smoking cigarettes and fertility

Smoking, Sex and Fertility: Three Negative Effects for Men

Looking for answers

If you’re having difficulty getting your partner pregnant, you’re probably looking for answers. However, the answer could be pretty simple if you’re a smoker or you’re exposed to second-hand smoke: Smoking can reduce your fertility. In fact, infertility rates in both male and female smokers are about twice as high as for nonsmokers. The risk of fertility problems increases with the number of cigarettes smoked every day. Here are three reasons why: … MORE

The age limit for a vasectomy reversal

Is There An Age Limit for a Vasectomy Reversal?

Many men decide to get a vasectomy as a way to permanently prevent any unwanted births. It’s a relatively common surgery. But for about one out of every 20 men who has a vasectomy, unexpected life events result in a decision to have a vasectomy reversal procedure.

This decision often raises a few questions — such as whether there’s an age limit for a vasectomy reversal. The short answer is that a man can get a vasectomy reversal at any age. … MORE

The effects of alcohol on prostate cancer

The Effects of Alcohol on Prostate Cancer

A lot of guys drink alcohol and a lot of guys get prostate cancer. Is there a connection between the two? There’s been a lot of research done to find out, and there are some possible links.

Before I get into that, I should explain what the prostate is and why prostate health is important. The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It helps to create semen, and it’s located just below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the body. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the United States, after skin cancer. … MORE

Varicocele symptoms and treatment options for adolescents

Varicocele Symptoms and Treatment Options for Adolescents: What You Need to Know

Separating the boys from the men

I’ve written before in my blog about varicoceles, which are swollen veins next to the testicles. But I generally write about varicoceles from the perspective of grown men. Although the likelihood of developing a varicocele increases with age, a varicocele can develop any time after puberty, which means that they can occur in adolescents. So this blog is mainly for young men and their parents. … MORE