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Exercise and Male Fertility: What’s The Connection?

When It’s Time To Man Up

One of the most common conversations I have with my patients has to do with the difficulty in getting their partners pregnant. Many men assume that when a pregnancy doesn’t occur, it’s because of a problem with their wife or girlfriend’s reproductive system. Other men do research and find out that in one in five cases of infertility, the problem is entirely with the male. These men often come into my office asking about male infertility issues such as sperm disorders, hormone imbalances or, if they’re over 40, age-related infertility. … MORE

increase chances of pregnancy

What a Man Can Do to Help Increase Chances of Pregnancy

For couples looking to conceive, or those experiencing difficulty with conception, often times the spotlight is placed on the woman with consideration of what she should be doing to increase her chances of becoming pregnant.  But as I often times remind my clients, it takes two to tango.  When it comes to increasing your chances of pregnancy, the guy bears some of the responsibility in regard to how he can contribute to the success rate. While there are some factors outside of both the man and woman’s control, for the man, he can increase the odds of conception by abiding by my recommendations below. … MORE

Man watching porn on internet in bedroom

Watching porn: a harmless diversion or a dangerous epidemic?

It’s now been more than 20 years since pornography began migrating to the Internet, and boy, has it taken off. Statistics from one of the major porn websites indicate nearly 30 billion visits in a recent year, which translates to more than 80 million visits every day. And that’s just for a single website. (Of course, porn has been around a lot longer than the Internet. But online access made porn easily and immediately accessible to anyone with online access.)

It’s estimated that about 75 percent of this porn audience is men, although some people think this is a low estimate. Likewise, men of all ages watch porn — and those who do, often watch a lot of it. … MORE

Signs of Low Testosterone and What to Do About It

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

If you’re having trouble getting an erection or maintaining an erection, it’s possible that you have low testosterone. Starting during puberty, testosterone is what causes male bone and muscle development, hair growth, a deeper voice, and sperm production. Low testosterone — a condition in which the testicles don’t produce enough of the male sex hormone testosterone — affects almost 40% of men aged 45 and older. Also known as hypogonadism, low testosterone can affect men of any age. … MORE

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Best Foods to Eat to Improve Sexual Performance

As the longstanding cliché goes, “You are what you eat;” and as a man, this extends to even your sexual performance. I tell my patients that if they’re looking to maintain or boost their sexual health, one of the best things they can do is to simply eat right – with moderation as a good guideline — and everything improves. Yet, when it comes to hitting peak sexual performance, there are a few clear links of key food ingredients that impact your sex organs specifically.


Vasectomy Success Rates

Vasectomy Success Rates: Ensuring Your Best Chance for Success

How reliable is a vasectomy?

When a man gets a vasectomy, two tubes called the vas deferens are cut or blocked. This has the result of keeping sperm out of your semen. After a vasectomy, sperm cells stay in your testicles and are absorbed by your body. There’s no effect on hormone levels, sexual pleasure, or a man’s ability to ejaculate or stay erect. So what about vasectomy success rates? … MORE

Couple talks to Doctor about varicocelectomy surgery

Varicocelectomy: Understanding the Procedure and Costs

What’s a varicocelectomy?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a varicocele or if you suspect that you have one, then you’re probably wondering: what do I do now? Varicoceles (swollen veins in the scrotum) can be a concern, especially if they cause discomfort or if you’re struggling with infertility. Varicoceles can interfere with male fertility by warming your testicles, which reduces sperm quality and quantity.

In most cases, a varicocele can be treated by surgical procedure called a varicocelectomy. During the surgery, the swollen veins are cut and closed off. Other veins then take over carrying the blood supply. … MORE

Couple enjoying coffee in bed

The Male Libido: A Timeline of Testosterone

A lot of men are afraid about losing their sex drive as they age — and for good reasons. A low sex drive can reduce self-esteem, strain relationships, and even cause depression. Because of this, it’s helpful to know what to expect from your body as you get older.

Both men and women typically experience a drop in sex hormones as they age. With women, this drop can happen relatively quickly, during menopause. It’s generally a more gradual process with men and their levels of testosterone, which is the sex hormone that causes a lot of the bodily changes that happen during puberty — things like body hair, sex organ development, a deeper voice, and sperm production. … MORE

Man with doctor at his annual health checkup

Is it Important for Men to Get an Annual Health Checkup?

On average, women all over the world live longer than men. In the U.S., women have a life expectancy of 81.1 years, while men’s life expectancy is 76.33 years. In other parts of the globe, this number can vary even greater. Although there are multiple factors that contribute to this trend, such as men typically having more dangerous jobs and being bigger risk takers than women, there are some steps men can take to increase their chances of living a healthier, longer life. … MORE