Is it Important for Men to Get an Annual Health Checkup?

Man with doctor at his annual health checkup

On average, women all over the world live longer than men. In the U.S., women have a life expectancy of 81.1 years, while men’s life expectancy is 76.33 years. In other parts of the globe, this number can vary even greater. Although there are multiple factors that contribute to this trend, such as men typically having more dangerous jobs and being bigger risk takers than women, there are some steps men can take to increase their chances of living a healthier, longer life.

The simplest thing a man can do to protect their health is to go to the doctor annually. Just like women make annual well woman appointments, men need to do the same. I often compare this concept to bringing in your car for a tune up. If you’re willing to take your car in periodically for servicing, don’t you think your health is worth the same attention you give your car?

What Happens if You Don’t Get an Annual Health Check Up?

It’s not uncommon for me to hear from my patients that they simply don’t like to go to the doctor. However, there are critical health issues that men face, including low testosterone. Low testosterone is associated with other serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and low sex drive. To avoid these associated risks, it’s critical for men to see a doctor on a regular basis.

Watch the following 5-minute video in which I discuss the impact of low testosterone and the importance of men getting an annual health checkup:

My Advice to Men

Don’t be selfish, go to the doctor for an annual health checkup. In order to take care of your other relationships, whether it’s family, friends or work, you have to take care of yourself first. I encourage you to put aside any fears and egos that play into not going to the doctor, and instead, make it priority to take care of your personal health.

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