Erection and Ejaculation Disorders

Erection Problems

Difficulty with getting an erection becomes increasingly likely as a man ages. Erectile dysfunction creates problems with fertility because the man is incapable of intercourse and ejaculation with his partner.

Many treatments are available to treat erectile dysfunction. Please follow the link for a discussion of the treatments for ED.

Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation Nervous System Issues

Problems with ejaculation may be due to injury to the nerves controlling ejaculation, such as in spinal cord injury or a disease of the nerves through conditions such as diabetes. Anejaculation (when a man cannot ejaculate) may be treated by collecting sperm with vibratory stimulation of the penis or stimulation of the nerves using a procedure called electroejaculation, or by surgical extraction of sperm from the testis or epididymis and in vitro fertilization.

Ejaculation Release Issues

For some men, ejaculate does not release out of the penis during orgasm, but instead leaks into the bladder. Causes for issues like this include trauma to the spinal cord, diabetes, side effects to certain medications, blockage in the urethra, and unforeseen side effects to surgery. A healthy ejaculation also requires sufficient access to semen. But sometimes men who do indeed have sperm are unable to release it because they don’t have enough semen. If this the case, men can usually still use their sperm to impregnate their partners with the help of assistive reproductive technology.