Male Fertility Evaluation

One unusual aspect of this field of medicine is that it involves two patients who may each need to be evaluated. In many cases, both also need to be treated. When it comes to evaluating the man, once you know the four basic parameters of male sexual health — semen, sperm, testosterone and erections — it’s relatively easy to get a fix on a man’s sexual biological age.

What to Expect in a Male Fertility Evaluation

In a visit to his doctor for a fertility evaluation, a man can expect to have a thorough physical examination with emphasis on the genitalia. In addition there may be laboratory tests ordered for hormones and semen analyses and, most importantly, a discussion of any questions and concerns. A man’s partner is strongly encouraged to join him for his fertility evaluation. The doctor will discuss a man’s concerns with him privately and with his partner.

Following are more details on what to expect in a fertility evaluation.