Are you Superman or Clark Kent in the Bedroom? Sexpert on Male Sexuality Dr. Harry Fisch Weighs In


When it comes to a man’s performance in the bedroom, most men either don’t realize they have a problem, they are just too embarrassed to talk about it, or they don’t understand that the problem they have, a lot of people have it. By openly talking about your sexual experiences with your partner(s) or your healthcare provider, you can explore male sexuality and performance concerns, and seek the necessary follow up. While many men may not feel comfortable doing so, it’s well worth the conversation as the good news is, with proper treatment, I can help most men and couples resolve their issues.

Common Questions and Preconceived Notions on Male Sexuality

Not only is open communication in the bedroom important for helping you go from Cark Kent to Superman in your sex life, but for most men, problems in the bedroom can be indicative of relationship or male fertility issues, or in some cases, an underlying medical concern.

To start the conversation, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook took to the streets to talk candidly about sex, specifically male sexuality. In the video below, men and women share their thoughts, questions and preconceived notions on male sexuality, including:

  1. Do men get sexually aroused quicker women?
  2. Do men know where everything is on a woman’s body?
  3. Premature ejaculation as the biggest problem in the bedroom
  4. What about penis enlargement and do the pills really work?
  5. What’s the average size of an erect penis?
  6. At what age does erectile dysfunction affect men?

Watch this video to hear how I answer these frequently asked questions and address some of the preconceived notions impacting male sexuality.

Starting the Conversation Around Sexual Performance

While everyone wants to be superman in the bedroom, it’s not always possible. But what we can do is open the line of communication about male sexuality, as in most cases, proper treatment can at least elevate you to Clark Kent status, if not better.  And remember, any conversation around male sexual disfunction has to include not only physical, but emotional or relationship issues as well, as we can’t assume the problem is simply a technical issue.

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