Can We Have Multiple Children After a Vasectomy Reversal?

Can we have multiple children after a vasectomy reversal?

First things first: in most cases, a vasectomy can be reversed through a vasectomy reversal. Of course, the success depends on a variety of factors, such as age, years since the vasectomy surgery, etc. But new advances in microsurgical techniques, instruments and suture materials have made vasectomy reversal procedures highly successful. In fact, 9 out of 10 men will have the sperm counts necessary to conceive a child within 24 months of the procedure. However, pregnancy can be complicated and, whether the procedure works or not, pregnancy rates can vary widely — from 30 to 70%.

That being said, if your vasectomy reversal is successful and you and your partner are able to achieve conception, having multiple children post reversal is quite possible.

Fertility factors to consider

Age, particularly maternal age, is always one of the biggest contributing factors to a couple’s fertility, regardless of vasectomy reversal. And in most cases, age looms larger after a vasectomy reversal simply because of the 12 month “waiting time” for conceiving following the procedure. Typically, when a pregnancy occurs after a vasectomy reversal surgery, it usually happens within 24 months of the surgery.

Other factors to consider when evaluating your chances for success are time since the vasectomy, vasectomy reversal surgeon experience and training, and whether or not you or your partner had fertility issues before the vasectomy.

How to determine the success of the vasectomy reversal

The expected success rate of your vasectomy reversal depends largely on which procedure you underwent: vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy. Following a vasovasostomy procedure, sperm returns in the semen in approximately 85 to 97% of men while the success of a vasoepididymostomy is approximately 65%.

Just like your vasectomy procedure, the results of a semen sample will determine the success of your vasectomy reversal. A semen analysis checks if sperm have reappeared in semen, how much sperm is present, if they have motility and lastly, if they are healthy. Your doctor will perform a semen analysis about one to months after surgery. If sperm have not returned in your first semen sample, there is no need to be alarmed; the semen analysis is performed every two to three months following the procedure.

But, can you have multiple children after a vasectomy reversal?

Absolutely! The answer is a resounding yes as long as the vasectomy reversal is successful. In some cases, late scarring can impact conceiving if you desire multiple children. That’s why I emphasize to my patients that’s important to monitor the sperm numbers.

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