Sex After a Vasectomy Reversal: What Can Change?

Sex after a vasectomy reversal - what can change?

While only three to six percent of men who get a vasectomy every year decide to reverse it, that life-changing decision presents some unique health-related questions. One of the most common questions that I receive from men considering a vasectomy reversal is regarding whether or not sex is different after the procedure. I’m happy to share with them that most men experience little to no change in sexual performance after a vasectomy reversal. However, that does not necessarily mean they won’t notice a difference altogether.

How Does a Vasectomy Reversal Work?

A vasectomy doesn’t involve anything other than interrupting the vas deferens and sealing the ends, eliminating the sperm’s path out of the body. To perform a vasectomy reversal, your urologist simply eliminates the sealed ends of the vas deferens and reconnects them, restoring the sperm’s path. In cases where the two ends of the vas deferens can’t be reconnected, your surgeon may connect the vas deferens to the epididymis, which stores a mans sperm after they’re produced in the testicles. The good news is that neither the vasectomy nor the reversal has any physical effect on your sex drive or function.

What’s Sex After a Vasectomy Reversal Like?

Some men may experience mild swelling, soreness or discomfort for a short time following the surgery. That’s the main reason why during your vasectomy reversal recovery, it’s wise to wait until you get medical approval to resume intercourse as you do not want to jeopardize proper healing and infection prevention.

To allow your body to heal after surgery, I typically recommend patients wait at least three weeks before resuming any kind of sexual activity. Initially, there may be some genital sensitivity during the first few instances of sexual activity but that typically resolves quickly. Other than that, you’ll still experience the same erections and sexual performance as you did before the reversal, as these are hormonal and physiological functions. As an added bonus, you may even find yourself energized by renewed virility and confidence as your ability to have children returns.

Post-Vasectomy Reversal Fertility

While a vasectomy reversal’s impact on sex is often considered, what’s more important to men is their chance of fertility after the surgery. During this time, semen samples are collected periodically to measure your sperm count and motility to give you a more accurate look at your progress.

Many factors influence whether or not conception is possible post-vasectomy reversal, even if your sperm counts are restored to pre-vasectomy levels. Successful conception can depend on how long ago your vasectomy was performed and the skill of the vasectomy surgeon, as well as the skill of the surgeon who performs the reversal. However, today’s microsurgical techniques deliver maximum success rates for the restoration of male fertility. Other factors that affect conception rates include the health and age of your female partner as well as the quality of the sperm being produced.

Choosing to reverse your vasectomy is a big decision. And while sex after a vasectomy reversal is a common worry among men, I can assure you that for most patients, sexual enjoyment and performance are not affected. After you’ve allowed yourself the appropriate time to heal after the surgery, normal sexual performance and function should return.

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