The Patient’s Guide to Varicocele

Varicoceles are a relatively common problem that can hurt a man's fertility. The good news is that this is a fairly simple problem to fix. Dr. Fisch has treated hundreds of men with varicoceles. While each patient’s condition is unique, there are many questions that are frequently asked. This guide will help prospective patients feel confident about their decision to consider varicocele repair, and more in control over the procedure and recovery.

The Varicocele Decision

Questions about about whether a person has a varicocele, what the implications are of having a varicocele, and whether surgery should be considered.

Varicocele Repair Surgery

Patients feel more in control if they understand the process involved in varicocele repair surgery and recovery.

Dr. Fisch’s Guide to Vasectomy Reversal

Patient Guide Printable Version

Patient Guide Printable Version

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