Varicocelectomy FAQ

When can I have sex after a varicocelectomy?

It’s generally best to wait three weeks after the surgery before resuming any type of sexual activity.

When will I know if the surgery is successful?

It takes about three months for sperm cells to be created and matured. A follow-up semen analysis is usually done three to four months after the surgery. The physician will evaluate the number and health of the sperm and compare this with a sample taken before the procedure.

Improvement is often seen within six months, but may not be observed until one year after the surgery. About 60 percent of infertile men who undergo correction of a varicocele experience improved semen quality.

What are the options if the varicocelectomy doesn’t solve my infertility?

If a man’s semen quality doesn’t improve after varicocele repair and if other potential infertility sources such as a reproductive tract infection are ruled out, there are several options that may enable a man to father children. One option involves taking healthy sperm from a man’s ejaculate and using this for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). If a man has no sperm in his ejaculate, sperm may still be obtained through a minor surgical procedure called sperm retrieval.