Is a Vasectomy Reversal Right for Me?

Often because of their personal medical histories, many men wonder whether they’re good candidates for vasectomy reversal surgery. Here are a few of the questions that these men often ask when they’re considering the surgery.

My vasectomy was done years ago. How does that affect my chances for a successful vasectomy reversal?

While no interval is considered too long to perform reversal surgery, the length of time from vasectomy to reversal surgery correlates with success. Data from the largest research study on vasectomy reversal reveals progressively less favorable results as the time from vasectomy to reversal increases.

One reason for lower success rates with longer intervals between vasectomy and reversal surgery is the increased rate of epididymal blockage as the time interval lengthens. Rupture and obstruction of the epididymal tubule is caused by increased pressure in the vas deferens and epididymis below the level of the vasectomy site. If the epididymis is blocked, vasoepididymostomy needs to be performed to accomplish the reversal.

Here are the rates for 1,247 men studied who underwent vasovasostomy:

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Patients Guide to Vasectomy Reversal

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